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The company's offer includes the production and regeneration of different types of forms.
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Orizzonte Polska offers services in the production and regeneration of a wide range of stamps.
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Other Products
Our company beyond regeneration and production also offers other products.
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Proportional Extractor and fast changing

E.P. (Proportional Extractor) is a self-contained hydraulic lifting that manages the number of drops and the thickness of mould charging. Controlled from a proper computer and moved from hydraulic pistons by proportional valves, this extractor guarantees most precise measures and movements. The computer is connected with the press and manages the signals of safety sensors and car movement.

The hydraulic circuit formed by a delivery and return is connected directly to press panel. This extractor, that can be supplied both with megnetic or fixed feet, is simple to program thanks to the intuitive computer completed with keyboard.

Thanks to its magnetic system of fast changing size guarantees time of stop machine reduced at minimum E.P. (Proportional Extractor) designed from Orizzonte can be assembled on any type of press.

Proportional Extractor is a new version of SMU mould.